Dresses for the Fabulous Wedding Guest



Happy Friday Eve Lovers!

I am excited because tomorrow is Friday and because today’s post gives me so much life!

I have six weddings to attend this year and I plan to look fabulous to each one! So I thought to share some of the fabulous dresses that I have found so far with those of you who also have a wedding or two or six to attend.

Purchase any of these dresses and I am sure you will –  have a difficult time leaving the mirror, take several selfies, receive numerous compliments, have great pictures to last forever, the bride may throw the bouquet directly to you(whether you’re single or not) ,  meet at least one hot and eligible bachelor (single ladies), your boyfriend just might propose to you, cause tension between your ex and his date/significant other because he can’t keep his eyes off you! haha I’m cray-I know.


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Wedding Dresses: Vera Wang Spring 2015


We bring you Vera Wang’s Spring 2015 bridal collection. I love the ballgown above and one of the others below (long sleeved with lace)! This collection is fun, simple, elegant, sexy, and flirty!

You just have to love Vera!


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Gorgeous Sweetheart Tables and Backdrops

Hey Lovers,

To bring a touch of glamour to your day nothing better than a collection of some of the chicest head/sweetheart tables and backdrops from around the web.



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Selecting Your Bridesmaids Wisely



Hey Lovers,

Struggling over which friends and/or relatives will be bridesmaids?

“Brides who choose their bridesmaids without forethought often end up with attendants who are not up to the task, or who are initially excited, but lose interest in participating as the wedding day approaches. Even worse, brides can lose friends in the stressful situations that can arise as the wedding is planned. All the drama is easily avoided if you select your wedding party carefully.”

Selecting your bridesmaids is one of the tough steps in the early phase’s of wedding planning. Here are some tips to help making your selection a breeze…

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Enough Already… 3rd Edition

Happy Friday Lovers!!!!

I am back again to share with you a few trends that annoy me or that I find boring and I pray are left in 2013.

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t get mad at me, it’s all fun and giggles don’t take it personal. If you happen to like any trend I don’t, that’s okay! Besides what do we know, we are just a pair of wedding obsessed girls with way too much time on our hands!!!

Flash Mob Proposals

Ever look back at pictures of outfits you wore or hairstyles you had years ago and just wonder “What was I THINKING?”. I think this will be the reaction of many who have chosen to follow this proposal trend.
It is played out now. Let’s get more creative or keep it simple this year!

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Wedding Dresses: Lihi Hod Couture 2014 Collection


Hello Lovers,

It has been way too long and we are excited to be back!

Today we present to you this lovely collection from an awesome designer. These pieces will work great for any bride most especially the simple, stylish yet edgy bride! The lace and embellishment details are just fabulous. One word for this collection: YES!!!


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Wedding Dresses: Anya Fleet 2014 Collection

Hello Lovers,

Every now and then we come across fabulous collections that we just HAVE to share with you! Every thing about this collection screams showstopper, perfect choice for a bride looking to make that effortlessly chic statement!…continue reading

Trend Alert: Upside Down Wedding Cake

Hello Lovers,

Next to her dress, Kaley Cuoco’s wedding cake was a total hit for me! How AMAZING was her upside down cake by The Butter End Cakery in Los Angeles. I really think this is a trend that will soon catch on, why wouldn’t it! Here are a couple of our favorite UPSIDE DOWN CAKES!

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Will you be my groomsman ideas

Listen up guys!

We all understand that guys aren’t necessarily the most sentimental beings but we decided to share a couple of *cough* manly ways to ask your boys to be your groomsmen!

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Wedding Dresses: One Love by Bien Savvy 2014

Rich fabrics and impeccable details and styling are the best way to describe Bien Savvy’ s new collection. This is the first half of the Romanian bridal house’s collection. We will be sharing the other half tomorrow!

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Tulle Tales Wedding: Lara + Tola #LT2014

WEIONLara’s getting married!!!!

So my friend’s getting married this summer and I am so excited.

How absolutely AMAZING is this SAVE THE DATE?! Lara is a DIEHARD Pittsburg Steelers fan (seriously, its quite annoying to be around her during football season) and Tola is a DIEHARD Baltimore Ravens fan….match made in football heaven right?!


Tulle Tales Pre Wedding: Ify + Melvin


Happy Monday lovers,

What do you get when you combine a beautiful couple and a talented photographer together? You get MAGIC. E-sessions are starting to become one of our favorite things to look forward to in the wedding planning process! Ify and Melvin’s e-session is just absolutely beautiful and stylish! …continue reading

Tulle Tales Wedding: Yewande and Femi

Happy monday lovers,

We bring you another exciting wedding video from BLACK ROYAL PICTURES!

For more information about Black Royal Pictures, visit their WEBSITE or contact them on FACEBOOK.

You can also check out some more amazing videos on YOUTUBE

Ice Cream Dessert Buffet

64246031d6247e5 (1)Happy Monday Lovers,

This is for all the brides with a sweet tooth like mine; ICE CREAM DESSERT BUFFET!!! It’s a fun deviation from the typical dessert or candy buffet tables. Who doesn’t love ice cream?!

Here are some of our favorite tables! Be inspired!

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