Engagement Rings 101

Hello Lovers,
So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting so excited in anticipation of Bridal Christmas. Bridal Christmas is by far THE best time for wedding vendors, it’s usually right after the holidays. There’s something about being around love and family that makes guys just get super emotional and get on one knee and put a ring on it.

PS Ladies, If you’ve been trying to get him to pop the question for a while, I suggest you spend the holidays with him and his family this year. Bake cookies, make eggnog  help his mom with the ham you know the whole shebang, he’ll start seeing you in a different light; start picturing his holidays in the next 50 or so years with you in them….trust me it’ll gear him in the right direction asap….*looks down at my empty ring finger*…ok fine maybe I’m not the best person to give advice on how to get that rock, I’ll stick to what I know best; telling you what’s hot and not!!!

So this post is really for the gentlemen actually….but nobody said you cant gain the knowledge you need so you can tell him subtly what you want!
Please keep in mind that this is going to be a very long and in depth read. I try to cover everything when I do these “101″ posts, if I’m going to try to educate about something in particular I might as well go all the way.

Gentlemen shall be begin?!

What you need to know.
  • BUDGET. I’ve been asked this question a couple of times; how much should I spend on the bling?! Well the standard rule is 2 months of your salary but in this present economy if one paycheck is all you can afford then please don’t go beyond your means it should be the sentiment behind it that matters, remember there’s a marriage in the nearest future to plan for and you’ll need every dollar you have to build your home. And if your sweetie isn’t satisfied with what you can afford…..well I aint saying she a gold digger but uhmmm you may need to find a side hustle bro. Dear future husband, this is not an excuse to buy me a cubic zirconia either, the only sentiment I get from that is “cheap” just saying.
  • HER STYLE. What kind of jewelry does your future Mrs usually wear?! What is her personality like? Is she simple or blingy? Is she a conformist or a trendsetter? If she’s someone like me who always has to make a statement with everything (some people call us drama queens, I say we just have a larger than life persona) then you can lean towards something fresh and different, maybe even push the envelope a bit and go for color!
The 4Cs
  • COLOR. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable diamonds. Diamonds range from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Keep in mind that anything yellower or more than these grades is considered fancy colored diamonds and VERY expensive examples of these are black diamonds, real black diamonds are ridiculously expensive so a lot of the ones you see are watered down (lack of a better word) black diamonds so be careful. Dont forget to ask for certification for any kind of diamond you purchase, don’t the cheated.
Dear future husband, HINT,HINT. *cough*
  • CUT. Don’t mistake this for the diamond shapes. This has to do with with the way the diamond is faceted to allow light reflect from it. You will know a well cut diamond when you hold it up in light and  light enters the diamond and reflects back into your eye. Be careful of the overly big diamonds that comes with a rather too good to be true price tags, these are cut too shallow or too deep and this causes the light to leak out of the diamond. Simply put, it doesn’t give you that “bling” effect. If you aren’t as knowledgable about diamonds, cuts can be the most difficult thing to figure out so make sure you get the AGS or GIA certificate, this will verify the quality of what you’re buying. Cut is graded ideal, premium, very good, good, fair and poor. You should ask for ideal, premium or very good if you’re looking for a quality bling!
  • CLARITY. Diamonds are found not made so there are chances of a few flaws in them like air bubbles, scratches and other minerals. The less flaws is has, the more valuable it is. Clarity grading scale:
    • F-Flawless
    • IF-internally flawless, this means there are not internal flaws but there are a few external ones.
    • VVS1-VVS2- Very very slightly flawed. These flaws are so small that they are difficult to detect even under magnifications.
    • VS1-VS2-Very slightly flawed. Can be detected under magnifications but invisible to the naked eye
    • SI1-SI2- Slightly flawed. This can can detected by an experienced grader.
    • I1-I3- Flawed. it is visible to the naked eye.
Stones that are SI2-VS1 are advisable for a couple looking for something reasonably priced. VVS2 to F are damn near perfect and will come at a very hefty price tag because they are extremely rare.
  • CARET. Carets are the stone sizes. After cut,color and clarity grades has been decided, it is easy to determine the carat weight of the diamond that will fit within your budget.
Bling Lingo
  • ring1SETTINGS
Micro Pave
Shared Prong
Sidenote: According to the color gods aka Pantone, emerald green is THE color for 2013. I think it’s a nice quirky color for the bold bride who can pull it off!
Okay I’m going to stop here because my wrists are hurting, I hope I was able to give as much engagement ring info as you need. It can get pretty overwhelming and just like buying a house this is an investment you want to make wisely, ask for the AGS or GIA certificate and also make sure you do your research about your jeweler ahead of time to make sure they don’t deal in conflict/blood diamond (diamonds mined in war zones in Africa and sold to fund an insurgency) you wouldn’t want your wife wearing something so beautiful that is tainted with people’s blood figurative blood of course.
Happy ring shopping fellas, please make me proud.